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Alimony is designed to be a rehabilitative mechanism to help a divorcing spouse get back on their feet. It's not an automatic entitlement to the lower earning spouse. The RI General Laws regarding Alimony can be found in RIGL 15-5-16. The legal mechanism of alimony attempts to have each party as close to their standard of living as possible. It's done on a need-based basis with each case and circumstance being unique. The goal is to give the under-earning spouse the ability to get back on their financial feet.

Alimony if appropriate is calculated after a property division is complete. How much property each party is left with would factor into whether or not there is a need, and if so, how much and how long.
"Unlike child support with an ending of support payments at the age or 18 the length of time that alimony would be awarded depends on a variety of factors including; age, marriage length, conduct during marriage, financial health, physical health, ability to earn, education, time spend out of workforce caring for children and other important factors."

With alimony being a needs-based rehabilitative tool, the state prefers to order temporary alimony which gives the spouse time to get properly trained on skills that may be necessary to be viable on the job market.

Similar to child support, Alimony can be modified due to a “substantial change in circumstances”, like job loss, new employment, health issues or any other major change in circumstances.

Alimony is taxable to the person receiving it, and is tax deductible to the person that gives it.

Alimony is not automatic, everyone that gets divorced feels some type of financial pressure due to the assets being divided, and not having someone to share the basic expenses as you would do during the course of the marriage.

As a general rule the alimony award if given depends on your spouse's ability to make enough money to support themselves after the marriage has ended.

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There are very important issues specific to alimony that only an experienced family law attorney would be able to navigate properly. Be sure to hire an experienced firm like Moretti Perlow & Bonin to assist you in your divorce proceedings or modification of alimony amount.
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