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Lawyers Fighting for Maximum Compensation After an Amputation

Losing a limb is a devastating event which will require a significant amount of rehabilitation and counseling due to the trauma associated with such a horrific life altering event. Victims of accidents sometimes lose toes, fingers, feet, hands, arms or legs; amputation is often required due to the severity of the injury where reconstructive surgery is not optional. The loss of any limb is both life altering and emotionally devastating.

"Thousands of American's lose limbs each year due to motor vehicle accidents."

Our legal plan would include paying for present and future medical treatment, the fitting and design of a prosthetic device, compensation for loss or limitation of wages, present and future. Compensation for pain and suffering and emotional damage.

Whether the event that took your limb was a vehicle, boating, workplace injury or medical negligence you are entitled to significant financial compensation for both pain and suffering and loss of use. See what we may be able to do for your case involving another's negligence which led to an amputation accident.

Have You Lost a limb in a Severe Workplace Accident or Car Crash?

Considering the physical, mental and workplace issues you will encounter going forward it's critical to hire an experienced law firm that deals with injuries that result in loss of limbs. Speak to a Rhode Island attorney before speaking to an insurance agent to ensure your interests are protected. Deformation, pain, physical and emotional trauma, continuing rehabilitation, loss of earning potential or permanent disability are all possible fallout from a serious accident involving amputation.
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