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Injured? A Providence, Rhode Island Head-On Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help

Head on collisions are the most deadly and dangerous of all motor vehicle accidents with serious and life threatening injuries or even death a common occurrence. When two cars traveling at 40 miles an hour hit head on it's like hitting a stationary object at 80 miles per hour. The collisions almost always leave multiple people with life altering injuries.

The causes of these accidents can range from distracted driver issues, faulty manufacturer of your vehicle to improper signage or road conditions. When not fatal these accidents often result in head and spinal cord injuries, broken bones or paralysis.

Be sure to consult Moretti Perlow & Bonin to receive your full compensation for the injuries that often will be with you for many years, or the remainder of your lifetime. Workplace limitations, lost wages and pain and suffering are all factored into the compensation that we will be obtaining on your behalf.

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Evidence is easily lost within days and weeks following a collision. Call us today at (401) 943-5500 and our attorneys will work quickly to help you obtain the evidence you need to prove your claim in court. If necessary, we work with experienced investigators to gather evidence for your case. We also refer clients to doctors and hospitals who are qualified to assess the extent of your injuries.
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