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Asylum Immigration Lawyer in Rhode Island

US Immigration laws allows an immigrant who is in fear for their safety in their home country[bold] to stay and work in the United States until conditions are safe in their resident nation. If conditions in your home country have not changed after a period of a year, you can apply for permanent asylum in the US.
"To be granted asylum you must have either experienced persecution previously or have a well-founded fear of persecution upon your return."

Establishing eligibility for refugee status or asylum will be determined based on the reason and type of persecution you have been previously subjected to and attempting to avoid. Grounds for asylum would be based on one of these 5 grounds for persecution; race, religion, nationality, political group or opinion or membership in a type of social group.

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It's of critical importance to tell your story the proper way with the most relevant facts at your asylum hearing. Hiring an experience immigration law attorney is of utmost importance. Moretti Perlow & Bonin will help you and your family to process your application for asylum and will carefully analyze your case. We will make recommendations on the process that best suits you and your family's needs.
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