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Neck, back and spine injuries are common workplace injuries. Thousand or Rhode Island residents have jobs that involve heavy lifting or repetitive labor, common causes of neck and back injuries. Workers hurt their backs every day on the job for a variety of reasons. There are long lists of types of employment in the service sector where lifting and repetitive motion create neck and back issues. Some of the more common types or employment are:

  • Construction workers, lifting heavy materials and performing repetitive motions, a very common occurrence of slip or fall injuries.
  • Hospital workers & Nurses who commonly have to lift obese patients with little or no help Delivery people who are often injured in slip and fall accident and do lots of heavy lifting.
  • Warehouse workers who are responsible for much heavy lifting or materials and work perform much repetitive motion.
  • Restaurant employees who are on their feet for long shifts and also perform much repetitive motion Clerical staff are sitting over a keyboard for 8 hours a day creating a strain on the neck and back.

Even back injuries that do not require surgery can cause severe pain and possible disability. When you are not able to perform your work to the extent that you once did due to the neck and back pain you may even have issues with job security. Many workers with back or neck injuries force themselves to go back to work when they really are not healthy enough to, compounding the problem.

How the Rhode Island Neck and Back Injury Attorneys at Our Firm Can Help

Many employers need the help of an experienced attorney to make sure their employer or the party that caused the injury pays for their loss of ability or quality of life. At Moretti Perlow & Bonin, our experience with neck and back injuries allows us to evaluate what injuries your pain may indicate, what treatment should be considered and the necessary procedures to move succeed in your settlement. Our Rhode Island neck and back injury attorneys work closely with your physicians to ensure that every effort is made and that our clients have the best chances for recovery.
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