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Getting Fair Compensation for Lost Wages in Rhode Island

After an accident or injury suffered due to some type of work or vehicle accident or improper medical care Rhode Island residents are entitled to recover wages from the time of the event till they go back to work. Depending on the severity of the injury you could be out of work for an indefinite amount of time, or representation would include lost wages into the settlement figure. Lost wages are all recoverable without the deduction of taxes.

"Lost wages are a component of any personal injury claim or workers compensation claim that we would file on your behalf."

Your company will need to verify that you are unable to return to work so it's of critical importance that you keep good records of your doctor and physical therapy appointments and all medical records.

Even when vacation or sick time is used following an injury due to an accident or malpractice event you can recover the wages for that time since it would not have been otherwise used.

Your Providence, Rhode Island Lost Wage Claim Attorneys

Do you feel you have a lost wage case? Lost wages are a very serious problem for victims of serious injury as well as families who suffer as a result of personal injury. Talk to one of our experienced attorneys at Moretti Perlow & Bonin today and our personal injury lawyers will evaluate your lost wage claims case and take you step by step through your legal options.
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