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Coping With a Construction Accident Injury is Difficult for You & Your Family

Workplace construction accidents on construction sites from small residential projects to larger commercial development jobs are a common occurrence. Often accidents happen due to contractor negligence, improperly trained co-workers or unsafe working conditions.

With the use of power tool, scaffolding, and heavy equipment it's the contractor's responsibility to properly supervise activity and provide a safe job site. We represent a wide range of construction site injuries from falls off scaffolding, injuries from falling objects, equipment malfunctions, electrocutions and injuries from toxic substances.

"A worker injured on a construction site in Rhode Island may have more than a workers compensation claim. Frequently, there are options to bring a civil law suit against a subcontractor for its negligence."

Many construction companies will quickly place the blame on the injured worker, our goal is to get you proper compensation for any and all injuries sustained. Obtaining just compensation for lost wages, hours and limits due to your injuries going forward. It is very important that your accident claim is reported correctly and quickly so that important evidence is preserved. If the accident is not reported in a timely manner, the accident site or equipment used may not be preserved for investigation and you may be prevented from bringing your construction accident claim.

We Work Hard to Help Clients Move Forward

The Rhode Island construction work site is a chaotic place with a large diverse group of subcontractors and contractors working all on one site. There are countless opportunities for life altering accidents to take place. We have extensive experience in dealing with construction site injuries such as: site falls, crane accidents, fork lift accidents, defective machinery/equipment, electrical accidents, fires and explosions, scaffolding collapses, ladder falls and vehicle accidents.
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