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Compensation for Rhode Island Electrocution Injuries

These types of accidents are the second leading cause of death for construction workers. Electrocution may cause heart fibrillation, tissue damage and in many cases death. Potential threats are not just found on construction sites, over head power lines, underground power lines, electrical connectors and receptacles are all around us in our daily life. Electrocution can occur from many things, these are very common causes:
  • Contact with an overhead power line
  • Exposed wiring on any machinery including household appliances
  • Pets biting through power cords exposing wiring
  • Faulty commercial or residential wiring
  • Downed Power lines
  • Defective products
In most cases human error is the leading cause or electrocution in the thousand or so deaths from electrocution each year. While faulty wiring and workplace injuries are the most common causes in many cases these deaths could have been avoided. Contractors, Subcontractors, building owners and employee can all be at fault in an electrocution injury or death.

Representing Workers Suffering From Electrical Injury in Rhode Island

When you have been injured due to an electrocution or have lost a love one let us guide you through the complex legal landscape of assessing liability so you and your family can recover the lost wages of a loved one, pay medical expenses both current and future for a surviving victim and provide you with the financial settlement to move forward.
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