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Have You Been Charged With A Felony or Misdemeanor in Rhode Island?

Criminal charges are broken down into two types; Felonies charges which may result in prison time of over a year. Misdemeanor charges which would result in sentences of less than a year. Generally the severity of the crime determines if the alleged crime is classified as a felony or misdemeanor.

"A felony charge is the most serious legal charge there is, if convicted it may be on your permanent criminal record."

When you have been charged with a felony, whether a personal or property crime it's of utmost importance to obtain skilled experienced legal representation. A felony conviction is life changing; choose your defense attorney wisely. Your freedom and personal liberties including job options and the ability to vote depend on it. Typical felony charges would be for murder, rape, kidnapping, assault, drug trafficking, robbery, arson as well as charges of forgery or stealing property over a certain value.

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When you have been charged with a misdemeanor it's equally important to hire an experienced legal team to represent your interests Typical misdemeanor charges would result from driving under the influence (DUI/OUI), shoplifting, domestic violence charges, simple assault and battery, vandalism and the writing of bad checks. There are other charges that also would be classified as misdemeanors.
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