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How to Avoid Deportation

Deportation to a family member can have devastating consequences. As an immigrant to this country you have certain rights regardless of whether you are here legally or otherwise. In Rhode Island you may find yourself in need of an experienced immigration attorney to prevent you from being deported with a deportation or removal action.

"An immigrant can be deported for a variety of reasons including violent crimes, drug charges, sex crimes, crimes of theft and other criminal convictions."

Issues can easily arise for a non-citizen that creates a change of status which can trigger deportation proceedings against you.
You may be eligible for relief or cancellation of removal though a variety of legal means including but not limited to:

  • cancellation of removal
  • adjustment of status
  • voluntary departure
  • asylum
  • withholding of removal
  • vacating of a prior criminal conviction

Providence, Rhode Island Deportation Defense Attorneys

Our primary goal is to move quickly in these time-sensitive situations. Our expert attorneys will meet with the detainee and the family to arrange the Motion for Release on Bond where possible. Our deportation attorneys look for ways for you to avoid removal or minimize the consequences. There are many legal options available to you as a non US citizen – Be sure to schedule your free consultation to review the facts surrounding your situation.
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