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Division of Property Lawyer in Providence, Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Family Court uses a method known as Equitable Distribution when a divorcing couple cannot come to an agreement about how to divide their material assets fairly. Factors within the formula include but are not limited to:
  • Length of marriage
  • Education & Job Skills of Parties
  • Pre-marital assets are not considered, but their appreciation in value may
  • Income level of each party
  • Marital conduct during the marriage
  • Homemaker / Childcare duties during the marriage
  • Age & Health of the Parties
  • Opportunities for future capital acquisition
After family court determines what assets are marital, then the division of property of those assets would take place, at this time fault and other conditions could come into play.

The court has the right to consider any factor that is deemed just and proper to be taken into consideration in determining the distribution of assets. Many divorces end in a 50/50 division of marital assets, but the judge has the right to award a disproportionate amount to one party over the other. Some of those reasons could include but not be limited to mental or physical abuse, an affair, or a drug or alcohol problems.

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