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Providence, Rhode Island Drug Offense & Crime Attorney

Any and all drug related crimes in Rhode Island are serious and are punishable with either fines, probation or prison time depending on the specifics of your unique circumstance. Any drug conviction on your record can cause issues with job employment and housing opportunities.

Drug crimes can cover a wide range of offenses that involve controlled substances, from possession, sales of, distribution or manufacturing. Depending on the particulars of your unique circumstances these involve violations of federal or state laws, or in some cases, both. The consequences of these charges could result in probation, loss of property, prison terms or a court-ordered drug treatment plan.

Often, non-violent offenders are given the option of avoiding jail time by participating in a drug rehab program, serving probation and or doing community service. Each case is unique with its own circumstances, with its own unique defense strategy. Our extensive experience and knowledge of both State and Federal drug laws will allow us to craft a unique defense strategy to limit negative outcomes. For many drug offense clients we have had charges dropped or sentences reduced or altered.

Criminal drug charges can be levied for any and all of the following

Possession of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, amphetamines, ecstasy/MMDA, GHB, LSD, mushrooms, steroids, prescription drugs and all narcotic and controlled substance drugs. More serious offense would include by not be limited to: Distribution, cultivation, sale, manufacturing, trafficking & offenses within 300 feet of a protected zone such as a school or playground.

What Should I do if I Am Under Investigation For a Drug Crime?

Contact the experienced drug offense attorneys at Moretti Perlow & Bonin for a free initial consultation to review the particulars of your case. We have successfully represented clients accused of crimes ranging from simple possession of marijuana to those accused of drug trafficking and manufacturing.
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