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Injured? A Providence, Rhode Island Passenger Accident Lawyer Can Help

When you are a passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident, you have specific rights relative to compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wage and pain and suffering expenses. The driver of the at fault vehicle and their insurance provider are liable when you are hurt as a passenger, additionally you or your family or the driver of your vehicle may have insurance coverage that would apply as well.

There are levels of complexity that may arise due to whether or not your driver or the other driver is or has proper insurance coverage, but clearly when you're the passenger the drivers are the liable parties.

Hiring Moretti Perlow & Bonin is a wise choice as they will help you determine important relevant facts, like the drivers insurance coverage, assess liability using police reports, accident reconstruction specialists and reviewing statements from other passengers or eyewitnesses.

You may have suffered serious injuries as a passenger and may need extended medical care, physical therapy not to mention loss of wages or ability to earn or function as you did before the accident.

It's very important early on to understand your legal rights in this situation, even though the likely driver of your crashed vehicle is a friend or business associate.

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