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Paralysis: A Personal Injury with a Lifelong Impact

A spinal cord is a cord of nerves that run from your brain down the spine to your waist, protected by the neck and backbone. The spinal cord affects the nerves that control your sense of feeling and mobility. A typical spinal cord injury would impact the injured party's ability to move parts of their body, or minimally give them a reduced sense of feeling.

The amount of loss of feeling or function would depend on the extent and type of injury[bold]. Damage to the spine or neck that would lead to paralysis could be caused by a number of factors, including bruising to the spinal cord, scar tissue on the spinal cord, subluxation, and burst fractures, broken, pinched or fractured vertebrae.

"The extent of these injuries normally results in a patient being either a paraplegic with loss of leg function or quadriplegic with loss of legs and upper extremities. The extent of the injuries is unique to the patient."

These injuries are often incurred as a result of a motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries or medical negligence.

Using Financial Recovery to Assist Physical Recovery

Someone who has suffered from paralysis will have a lifetime of limitations as a result of their injuries; our goal would be to obtain for you a financial settlement to pay for you medical treatments, and care going forward, as well as loss of function and lose of earning potential. We understand the limits and financial burden this injury causes to a family, and pursue the maximum settlement.
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