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Have You Been Injured in Slip, Trip or Fall Accident?

Falls due to unsafe conditions can happen when you least expect it — unsafe walking surfaces, hole in the sidewalk, at a restaurant or in a parking garage[bold]. In any of the mentioned cases, when you're dealing with a slip and fall injury, your number one priority is getting the medical attention you deserve. A Slip & Fall claim or case in US tort law is based on a claim that a property owner was negligent in allowing a dangerous or unsafe condition to exist. This unsafe condition caused the slip and fall.

The types of injury suffered from slipping and falling due to unsafe conditions falls under Tort law, and is often times litigated. The liability for a slip and fall injury falls on the owner of the premises where the fall occurs.

The common types of falls are as follows:
  • Individual loses footing due to some unsafe condition of the walking surface and “slips and falls”.
  • An out of place or foreign object may cause the injured party to “trip and fall”, or “stumble and fall”.
  • You may encounter an unexpected foreign object, or deficit (out of place brick, hole in sidewalk, or walkway, uneven surface) while walking causing you to lose balance and fall.

The injuries suffered from these types of accidents range from mild to severe, head and back injuries or not uncommon from “slip and fall” injuries.

Slip & Fall Accident Attorneys in Providence, Rhode Island

Our goal would be to establish liability that the property owner did not take reasonable action to correct the deficit and is therefore liable. The property owners commonly contest this claim with their own legal counsel to deny liability. We are experienced litigators and therefore commonly succeed with positive outcomes for our clients with these types of cases.
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