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Do You Need Surgery Because of Another's Negligence?

Due to negligence of some other party you may have an injury that you and all will see for the remainder of your life. Also, you are very likely going to have to endure many painful and expensive medical treatments just to limit the pain and cosmetic issues resulting from the traumatic event that cause the scarring or disfigurement.

"The causes of these incents that scar and disfigure can range from motor vehicle accidents, chemical burns, workplace injuries, medical negligence or even defective products."

Our goal is to represent our clients and obtain financial compensation for pain and suffering, loss or opportunity and appearance. Would a salesman who was involved in a car accident while on the job with facial scars still have the opportunity to earn and make the most important first impression, of for that matter would anyone who is public facing have the same opportunity on job interviews going forward after their injury event?

Scarring and disfigurement can create lifelong challenges making employment opportunities vanish, ruin marriages and even friendships. Much emotional pain and suffering is associated with our clients who have been involved in events that caused these injuries. There is a lifelong loss of quality of life and emotional pain.

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If you or one you love has sustained injuries to the face, mouth, and/or jaw due to a negligent act of another party please contact our office to receive the financial compensation that you so rightly deserve. Scarring and disfigurement is a constant visible reminder of a serious injury and there are significant mental components to the accident.
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