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Wrongful Death Representation

It's not uncommon for wrongful death injuries to be caused by medical negligence, workplace or construction site accidents, defective products or a motor vehicle accident. Premises liability may also play a part in such a case, due to lack of proper lighting, security or an unsafe condition. Airplane and boating accidents could also be a cause of wrongful death. The challenge of the harmed party or in this case heirs to the deceased party is to prove liability of the accused party or corporation. The goal is to recover lifetime compensation to compensation for lost wages for specific family members. A wrongful death civil action would claim that an entity or party is legally responsible for the death of the deceased party, due to wrongful conduct, action or some type of failure to act in a certain manner.

"When someone is killed as a result of wrongful conduct or gross negligence of another, it is wrongful death."

Compensatory damages are the most common outcome in wrongful death civil actions. It is our legal responsibility to show a preponderance of evidence in a civil trial with this type of case, meaning it's more likely than not that the offending party is responsible for the death. This is different than a criminal suit where the party has to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A recent example of the difference between the burden of proof was the OJ Simpson trial. He was acquitted of criminal charges due to a reasonable doubt being established by his defense team. In the following civil trail he was found to be liable, as there was a preponderance of evidence to hold Simpson liable for damages of wrongful death.

Families seeking a wrongful death claim can seek compensation for:

  • Medical Expenses of the Deceased
  • Burial or Funeral Costs
  • Loss of Benefits
  • Lost Wages or Future Gains
  • Emotional Pain and Suffering

Providence, Rhode Island Wrongful Death Attorneys

Our law firm has helped victims seek maximized recoveries in a number of wrongful death cases. In our time serving the greater Rhode Island area, the experienced Providence attorneys at Moretti Perlow & Bonin have consistently helped alleviate the financial burdens that come with wrongful death hardships. We can help you answer all your wrongful death questions and tell you how to handle the case.
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