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Rhode Island Criminal Defense – Theft, Robbery & Stolen Property Lawyers

Many theft or property crimes are charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor. The type of charges depends on the circumstances surrounding the crime and the value of what has been stolen. An individual convicted of a felony could serve a significant jail sentence, whereas an individual convicted of a misdemeanor may serve a short jail sentence or may only have to pay a fine or restitution. Either charge in a theft case alleges that you the defendant took what was not yours from another party using deceitful or unlawful means.

Rhode Island has many laws related to numerous kinds of misdemeanor or felony property crimes. Property crimes and crimes of deception would often but not be limited to the following:
  • Breaking & entering
  • Burglary, criminal trespassing
  • Car theft
  • Check Fraud, forgery
  • Credit card theft
  • Fraud of all types, larceny, false deception
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Robbery, armed robbery
  • White collar crimes, embezzlement

Arrested For Theft Charges? Fight Back With an Experienced Attorney

At Moretti Perlow & Bonin we are experienced criminal defense lawyers and have experience in defending all of the above listed crimes. Each case has unique circumstances and these are all taken into consideration in building our case. Things like the financial amount involved in the theft, your criminal record and the potential for restitution are all factored into our defense strategy.

The goal is to keep you out of jail and to minimize the negative impact of the charges. Negotiating a plea or reducing the charges from felony to misdemeanor is often the goal after we understand the facts surrounding your case. You are innocent (and may be anyway) until proven guilty in the courts. If a trail is what is necessary, we take your case to trial.
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