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After a head and brain injury most parties suffer permanent physical and mental limitations. Most people who experience brain injuries must have immediate expert trauma care, specialized rehabilitation and access to lifelong medical care, the ultimate goal would be to continue to have a healthy, independent and satisfying life. The financial implications of a head or brain injury can be devastating to a family.

"In 2009 over 6,500 Rhode Island Residents suffered some type of brain injury."

Falls are the leading cause of brain injuries followed by motor vehicle accidents and assaults.

The Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island offers support groups for victims and family of brain injuries.

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Our goal is to assess liability to the parties that may have caused or been negligent in causing your head or brain injury and seek the proper financial settlement to help you and your loved ones care for the injured party that has suffered from a traumatic brain injury. A brain injury is a lifelong medical issue that requires extensive medical and rehabilitative therapy.
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